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What is the maximum weight Packly’s packaging can hold?

The maximum weight a packaging can hold depends on more factors: box type, dimensions, closing system, material thickness, weight and shape of the product to contain.

For example, the following packagings:

  • Auto bottom box
  • Lid and bottom box
  • Pull out box
  • Rollover hinged lid box

realized with 400 gsm paperboard, can support a maximum weight of 1 – 1,5 Kg if the product inside has a basis with the same or very similar dimensions of the box one.

Other bottom types, like the tuck end and 1-2-3 ones, may not be used to contain heavy products.

If you have to design boxes for heavy products, we strongly suggest purchasing a single packaging in order to check its effectiveness before placing the final order.

Packly is not liable for packaging toughness that is closely related to structure, sizes and material chosen by the user, to the way of use and the features of the product inside.