Our weekly inspiration is a beautiful and practical coffee pods box.

Coffee break is a small moment of joy for a large number of people and many of them couldn’t give up coffee: a powerful ally for the daily survival. What about if pleasure starts from the package? The design idea of the day comes up from the dispenser box available on Packly, a type of packaging widely used in the coffee pods industry. In fact, it is developed to protect, transport and use the product. This box model is easy to assembly and very functional: a crash lock bottom turns it in a ready to use box and the tear pad facilitates its double use as delivery box and dispenser.

The packaging design realised for a coffee roasting and created both to emphasize the product (printed on the back side of the boxes) and to underline the pleasure hidden in the experience of drinking coffee. The graphics focuses on the use of phrases and curiosities about use and consumption of the typical drink. The text, as main element, stands out more than the other graphical elements (even more than the logo!). The sharp and impressive lettering highlights the keyword of the entire composition: coffee. A creative solution to immediately clarify the content of the packaging in an original way, far from the classic packaging full of coffee cups and beans pictures: effective but very common.

Print now your own coffee pods box with Packly: simplicity, uniqueness and convenience are guaranteed. You can realise packaging with personalised artwork and custom sizes in just a few steps. Packly puts the tools, you put the ideas: amaze your competitors and reach success.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Dispenser box
Dimensions (mm): A: 120 B: 120 H: 240
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


coffee pods packaging

box for coffee pods

coffee pods boxes

coffee pods dispenser packaging

coffee pods dispenser box

coffee pods die-cut template