How to make boxes. In this article we will show you how to put together a cardboard box realised on Packly, in a quick and simple way.

All it takes is a little familiarity to be able to assemble a box, avoiding the most common problems.

How to make boxes: 9 videos to learn how to assemble a cardboard box

Have you ever wondered how to make boxes? Well, it has never been easier! We have prepared videos for you that will show you step by step how to assemble the most common packaging. It will be like following a friend’s instructions. 

1. 1-2-3 bottom box (snap lock base)

Snap lock base packagings are assembled by fitting together the flaps, properly cut, in an orderly fashion. There are three steps: first, you have to fold the front flap, that one with the rectangular shape; then, you have to fold both the side internal ones; and, in the end, you have to set up the most external part of the last flap under the first one.

2. Auto bottom box (crash lock bottom)

Crash lock bottom packaging has two glue points on the bottom side of the box. All the bottom elements are, therefore, joint together. That’s why you only need to open the flat box in order to automatically close the bottom, ready to use.

3. Rollover hinged lid box

Rollover hinged lid box is assembled using specific joints. You just need to be a little careful while folding the two side walls in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience. The most critical point, in fact, consists in finding and properly folding the two creases placed between the two adjacent side walls.

We suggest starting just from there, by first folding the two lateral walls. Once folded all the other elements of the box, you will be able to perfectly overlap the two side flaps and fit together the four hooks inside the specific holes.

4. Pull out box with standard tray

Pull out box is made up of two elements:

  • a sleeve, glued and ready to use;
  • a tray, both standard and double walls

The tray needs to be assembled by properly folding the side flaps. In this first video, we will show you how to assemble a standard tray. As for the hinged lid box, in this case too, you have to pay particular attention to the crease between the two unglued walls and to the three flaps placed around them that need to be folded outwards. These flaps are essential to lock the above-mentioned walls.

We always suggest getting started by carefully folding critical points and, then, you will be able to definitively assemble the tray.

5. Pull out box with double wall tray

In this video you can see, instead, how to assemble a pull out box with double wall tray. The procedure is very similar to the one concerning the standard tray, except for the three flaps placed around the internal unglued side part. In this case, the two vertical flaps need to be folded inside the box, the bottom flap needs to be folded outwards in order to support the wall.

6. Hanging box

Are you wondering how to assemble the hook of your hanging boxes? That’s easy! Fold the two walls with the hole for themselves and lock them inside the packaging by using the two internal side flaps. Your hanging box is ready to use!

7. Handle box

Handle packaging is very easy to assemble as well. Once you learned how to assemble the different bottom types, you need to fold the two handles and lock them, fitting them together inside the two cut flaps above.

8. Display box

As the name suggests, this product consists of two functions: box and display. Once assembled your packaging, based on the bottom chosen, you can turn it into a display, whenever needed. You just need to tear the two internal flaps along the dotted line and fold half the lid by following the specific crease. Fit the lid together inside the hole placed on the back wall and that’s it!

9. Dispenser box

Dispenser box is made up of a tear-off opening on the front wall. Once assembled the box, you only have to remove the dotted shape in order to use it.

Do you like to always keep the “how to make box instructions” with you? Download our PDF in Packly’s help center.

For any questions about how to make boxes, please contact us!