A professional and original packaging can dramatically increase your sales. it’s tough to design a catchy packaging design: there are so many things to evaluate and choose in order to achieve your goals.

This is why we selected the following 10 most inspiring packaging:


1. An elegant, classy packaging for vodka


aperitive bottle packaging

2. A whimsical fairy design for an aperitif bottle. Designer: Tingsia.com


H&M gift packaging

3. Linn Gustafsson’s concept design for H&M


Ping Pong Packaging

4. The complete packaging series for table tennis



5. The TSMGO studio created a modern yet traditional packaging design



6. Modern and high impact product design


pop corn packaging

7. Another popcorn packaging. Now with a simple and clean design


baby food fuel tank

8. Packaging for children’s organic food . Designer: @Turn Style Studio


liquorice sweets packaging

9. A licorice packaging created by Bond Creative Agency


packaging biscuitts

10. Project project by @SaturdayMfg for the 108 year anniversary of Thelma’s, the American cookies Company.