Here is a selection of the most beautiful and original packaging that we found online: from coffee pods boxes to packaging for high-tech items, screws packages to ink cartridges boxes inspired by a famous perfume.



coffe pods packages

coffe packaging

Boxes for coffee pods designed by the australian agency Can I play.


screws box

Screws packaging created by Colin Bennet.


chocolate pack

Rough paper effect packaging by Kiva. A brand of medical cannabis chocolate sold in the US.


cartridges packaging

This is part of a project of Celeste Watson that mocks the discrepancy between the price of Ink cartridges and their packaging often simple and trivial. The packaging is inspired by the famous fragrance Chanel N. 5.


sunglasses box

SALT. + AETHER eyewear packaging inspired by the Bikers world.


electronics package

electronics packaging

A set of packages designed by Harry Pearce for a line of electronics products produced by Spectrum.


high-tech packaging

Dustin Brown created this design for a range of high-tech products.


tisane packaging

Vintage-inspired packaging realized by the british agency Horse.


comestics boxes

comestics packaging

Many of the brands that produce cosmetics for men focus their marketing action on masculinity to sell their products. Instead, in these packaging Butcher & Butcher emphasized the quality of the raw materials used.


tea box

Bright and vivid colors for the packaging line realized by Brand Expert agency.


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