When it comes to packaging design, we could firmly state that 2018 has brought us lots of innovations and new beliefs to develop and experiment with. 2019 will pick up right from the end of 2018, and it will carry on some of its trends. Get ready to face the new year reading my list of the packaging design trends for 2019. After reading the article, you could deal with all the creative challenges you will come across.

It is always important to remember that studying the trends affecting the market is essential to create winning products and strategies. It is especially important both for designers and marketers. Indeed, they should always analyze new consumer habits and market trends in order to create innovative and inspirational designs. Only by doing that they could dictate new trends.

4 major packaging design trends for 2019


Environmental sustainability is a lasting trend that could reach its highest levels next year. In recent months, in fact, many global interventions and directives highlighted the extreme gravity of the environmental condition in which we live. Thanks to this initiative, people are now aware of the dramatic levels of pollution and global warming the world has reached. For this reason, many government bodies have implemented drastic interventions aimed at regulating, limiting, and, when possible, eliminating the use of pollutants.

Plastic is one of the most polluting materials, especially when it is used for disposable packaging. As a result, the packaging industry is one of the mainly affected by the anti-pollution regulations enacted in the last period.

Environmental sustainability has then become an essential and decisive factor for packaging design. Many companies have decided to reduce or completely eliminate the use of plastic investing in the development of sustainable packaging solutions. They would reach this purpose using non-polluting substances or collecting and reusing plastic packaging waste.

Next year, while designing a packaging remember to choose ecological, biodegradable and compostable materials to limit its environmental impact. This could be a good choice although creating reusable packagings would be even better!

In 2019 think green, design green and live green.


Minimal style is inspiring even more and more brands. It aims at enhancing the essence of things, clarity, and precision. In minimal style, everything non-essential is stripped away.

Minimalistic packagings of 2019 will be characterized by a clean and simple design where colors and the texts will be at the center of the scene. The main purpose is the creation of impactful mono or two-color packages able to immediately convey their message and stand out.

It is about packagings that only rely on their functionality and simplicity to directly speak to the observers. Through a simple design, people should easily understand what the product is about without reading any further explanation.

In the food industry packagings with transparent windows will be warmly welcomed. Their transparency, together with figuratively transparent lists of ingredients and information, will be well appreciated by millennials, that would prefer see-through packagings in order to see what they are buying.


Bright gradients are surely part of the packaging design trends for 2019. Firstly used as background elements, the nuances will become the main component of the design bringing depth and dimension to the composition.

If you want to create products with a fresh new look, then remember using bright gradients and blended colors.

Nude palettes

Nude and neutral colors will be a must in packaging design during the next year. We are talking about soft and natural colors such as pinks, beiges, warm browns, and creamy whites that are often combined with bright colors or white labels to stand out.

Pantone’s color of the year

To honor our old habits, we will conclude our article revealing the Pantone’s color of the year for 2019, the living coral. It is an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.

Now that you are aware of the packaging design trends for 2019, you can start now creating your custom packagings with Packly.