In a market full of products often very similar the packaging is an excellent ally to catch the customer’s eye and win them over. In our daily post we want to suggest 5 creative packagings that will leave you pleasantly surprised and inspired! candy box

gummies packaging

sweeties package

Mouths wide open for Monster Candy boxes designed by Charlotte Olsen. A funny present to give your friends and potential clients making them laugh. These lid and tray boxes are printed in such a way that allows the monsters to switch their expression while opening them: monsters apparently calm become screaming creatures when you try to steal their candy!

tea boxes

tea packaging

tea package

Grain Creative decided to carve out five minutes from the daily grind to “sit down” with its potential new business clients and let them learn more about the agency. How? The Grain designed a gift set of 4 boxes of tea of the best known flavours (Gorgeous Geisha, English Breakfast, Chai and French Earl Grey) with a little portfolio inside. Each package is personified to reflect the name of the tastes making the packaging unique and noteworthy. It’s really difficult for the company to go unnoticed, don’t you think?

perfume packaging

perfume package

perfume boxes

Tatabi Studio used national identity to characterize and enhance Eau de España perfumes. Their packaging aims to attract users by using images and colors that represent Spain in order to emphasize product origin. The resulting design conveys a feeling of typicality and authenticity that is useful to attract a large number of consumers.

innovative scotch tape packaging

scotch box

scotch tape package

The creative agency Kolle Rebbe designed an outstanding packaging for Scotch Magic Tape in order to differentiate the product from the other classic adhesive tapes. An invisible scotch or a simply optical illusion? Kolle Rebbe decided to highlight the typical transparency of the adhesive tapes by creating an hanging box with a customized thiny mirror inside. The mirror creates an illusion trick so that the packaging seems to be empty and the product invisible.

mouthwash packaging mouthwash box

mouthwash package

Listerine created a limited edition packaging for FIFA 2014. A packages set  characterized by illustrations that represent the players of various nationalities. Their wide open mouths show the classic Listerine bottle. The brand cleverly exploits the widespread passion for football – especially during the World Cup – to amplify its market impact.