We made a small selection of the 5 most beautiful and original food packaging found on the internet: chocolate, pasta, tea and biscuits.


praline truffles packaging

praline packaging

Say no to the traditional plastic bags and choose this lid and bottom box. This is the idea of Costèllo + Hellerstein, a company producing chocolate truffles. An investment in the packaging that has added a new flavor to their products.


pasta packaging

pasta box

farfalle packaging

A project of packaging design and rebranding realized by a Swedish design student, Anna Ahnborg, for the packages of pasta De Cecco. The aim of the project was to give a vintage and country look. The goal was to give a vintage and rustic look to an Italian product that would comply itself with the modern style recalled by the shapes of the packaging.


tea packages

japanese tea packaging

The line of the organic Japanese Green Tea by the agency Tea Saudade.


shortbread box

shortbread packaging

The Graphic studio Believe In developed the packaging for a new luxury range of shortbread – the traditional British butter cookies with vanilla flavor – produced by the LittlePod.


chocolate packaging

chocolate package

Loving Earth’s is an Australian company that produces high quality chocolate, snacks and desserts. These products are gluten, wheat, dairy  and sugar free. The chocolate bar packaging, designed by Round agency, is characterized by a high impact color combination. The materials chosen are partly of plant origin, compostable and with specific features that improve the conservation of the product, and partly recycled (coming from other packaging printed with vegetable inks). This approach emphasizes the strong environmental orientation both of the product and the packaging.