This week we’ll look at 5 innovative packaging designs that have earned a special place on the shelves and in the consumers’ hearts.

Italian Pasta Packaging By Via Roma
Italian Sweets Packaging By Via Roma
Italian Pasta Packaging By Via Roma

It is well-known that Italian food is exported all over the world. But how can you make your import brand distinguishable from the others? The A&P and the United creative agency emphasized the authentic nature of the Via Roma products by creating a packaging design with an unmistakable twist. Each package features a different photo of a joyful Italian senior as an emblem of the all-Italian uniqueness.

Creative Cereal Packaging Design Idea
Creative cereal boxes that resemble cute animals

What are a hungry crocodile, a talkative parrot and a trumpeting elephant doing on the shelves of a supermarket? This innovative packaging idea for kids’ cereal simply could not miss from this week’s inspirational. Each one of these fun boxes opens its little mouth-shaped lid to pour a waterfall of delicious cereal.

Niklas Hessman's Break Fast oatmeal packs
Niklas Hessman's Break Fast oatmeal packs
Niklas Hessman's Break Fast oatmeal packs

Niklas Hessman’s Break Fast oatmeal packs may appear less colorful but are surprisingly creative. A quick and easy solution for those of you who are always in a rush: a cardboard prism with a vintage feel that, once broken in half, releases the recommended daily quantity of oat flakes directly into your milk. You won’t have to skip breakfast ever again!

Creative Packaging Design for English Tea

Just like breakfast, the tea break is an important part of the daily routine, especially for the British. This thousand-year-old tradition is at the base of the Angielski tea packaging. It consists of a cardboard replica of the historic red double-decker bus filled with tea bags. In addition, each tea bag features a fun, authentically British character.

Assorted Ingredìssimo boxes
A stack of Ingredìssimo boxes
A box of Caramel Toffee Crunch bites by Ingredìssimo

Lo Siento, a Spanish creative studio, designed a set of packagings for Ingredìssimo with graphics that emphasize the company’s brand identity. The circular design on the top of these cubic boxes recalls the company logo. As a result, the packaging design identifies not only the products but also the brand of reference.