Here is a selection of 5 toys packaging found on the internet: from the most traditional games such as model cars and puzzles to the modern ones such as the robots of the Star Wars saga.


toys package

dinkytoys packaging

toys boxes

Dinky Toys is a historic British brand of model cars which celebrated 80-year history in 2014. On this occasion Pierre Lorimier, a Belgian student, redesigned the entire packaging series with excellent results.



cards packages

playing cards packaging

The agency Ginger monkey created the brand of the playing cards Antler. The cards and the packaging are inspired by the beauty of nature: wild forests, rolling hills and snow-capped mountains of Northern California.


puzzle box

puzzle packaging

puzzle packages

Let’s have a look to a game for the little ones: the timeless puzzle. Who among us has never tryed to find the right joint? Surely, no one. This is a traditional game but its packaging offers a new vision of it telling 6 different stories of fictional characters.


starwars boxes

starwars packaging

This is a game for the older and for Star Wars fans. The packaging effectively communicates the many features of this complex product, special finishes such as soft touch reinforce the sense of product quality. Each side of the box is used to explain both hardware and software functionality.


toy boxes

paddle ball box

These packaging are for a line of classic toys, whose graphic design gives a nod to the 50s style.