Our weekly selection of the 5 best vintage style packaging design found on the web: from the legendary Polaroid camera, to the accessories for cycling of the historic brand Shwinn, to food products such as pasta De Cecco.

packaging pasta

fusilli package

pasta package

A redesign of De Cecco packaging made by Gustav Karlsson, a young Swedish designer.


biscuits box

This is a biscuits box designed by Peter Donnelly for an Irish company. The uniqueness of this packaging – inspired by the ’20s – is that the characters printed on it are part of a short story that is told “through” the full range of packaging.


bicycle tools package

A great example of rebranding for American Schwinn, a historical bike company. Its packaging have been revisited but retain their wonderful retro touch.


tea box

An interesting graphic design for this tea company based in Melbourne.


polaroid packaging

The packaging of the legendary Polaroid camera, which had a huge commercial successin the 70s and 80s. Designed by Paul Giambarba, who had the task of developing a new visual design to distinguish the company from Kodak. Its colored bars and sans-serif fonts are still easily recognizable, we can say that the goal was largely achieved!