Baci Perugina’s packaging has gone through a century of history. Let’s trace back the most important stages in the evolution of the chocolate that made us famous all over the world.

Baci Perugina’s packaging can be considered a case of timeless success, an industry icon capable of renewing itself era after era and generation after generation, without ever losing the effectiveness, charm and preference of the public all over the world . Let’s see how this was possible and what makes a product and its packaging immortal.

It was 1922 when a famous Italian designer and spouse of one of Perugina’s founders, Luisa i.e. Annibale Spagnoli’s wife, had the ingenious idea of recycling manufacturing waste to create a new product. Thus one of the most famous chocolates in the world was born. It was made of delicious cocoa with grains topped with a whole hazelnut: the Bacio, meaning the kiss.

Actually the original name was very different: the praline was called cazzotto i.e. fist. The shape in fact resembled that of a clenched hand, with the thumb in front of the other fingers. One of the co-founders of Perugina, Giovanni Buitoni, rightly observed that nobody would ever want to go into a shop to ask for a punch and therefore decided to change the name to the most tender Bacio.

The trademark for this excellence of the Italian confectionery was designed by the then creative director Federico Seneca. On the first packaging of Baci Perugina there appears a couple exchanging a kiss, an image inspired by the homonymous painting by Francesco Hayez. Here begins the legend of the Italian romantic Bacio.

The first Baci Perugina's packaging
The first Baci Perugina’s packaging

In the 1930s there was the introduction of the very famous notes containing aphorisms and quotes on love. The most malicious say that the idea was inspired by the affair between Luisa Spagnoli and Giovanni Buitoni, who exchanged messages of love through the chocolates. There is no confirmation of this gossip. What is certain is that the paper notes will themselves become an integral part of the packaging for Baci Perugina, as well as a powerful marketing tool.

In addition to various competitions in which consumers were invited to write their own love phrases, many famous people were involved as special guest copywriters. We are thinking for example of Tiziano Ferro, Beppe Fiorello, Mara Maionchi. The latter does not hide her particularly funky vision of life. We have not yet found a quote from her in the Baci, but we will continue to eat and hope.

The Bacio’s silver and blue wrapping dates back to 1968. It is an essential element, which has remained unchanged for over half a century and which will likely continue to stoically resist restyling. Here it is in its blazing simplicity and ineffable beauty.

The silver and blue wrapping for the Bacio
The silver and blue wrapping for the Bacio

Let’s leap forward towards the unforgettable 80s to meet one of the most legendary packagings of Baci Perugina: the tube. The famous TV ad with the payoff is forever engraved in the memory of all viewers. The tube was an ecological, practical and aesthetically pleasing solution coupled with spot-on copywriting that made history.

The tube packaging from the 80s
The tube packaging from the 80s

We also find a limited version in pink, for women’s day. As you can see, the variations can be many, even in very different shades, but if the founding elements of the brand are kept unchanged like the logo, the stars, the image of the couple kissing, the memorability resists any challenge.

Pink tube limited series Baci Packaging for women's day
Pink tube limited series Baci Packaging for women’s day

In the gallery below you can see three different product variations: Baci with white chocolate, Baci with milk chocolate and Baci with extra-dark chocolate. Packaging design is extremely characterized and there are no similarities at any level, yet would any of you have trouble recognizing the product on a shelf? The answer is no, indisputably.

White Chocolate Baci's packaging
White Chocolate Baci’s packaging
Milk chocolate Baci's packaging
Milk chocolate Baci’s packaging
Extra dark chocolate Baci's packaging
Extra dark chocolate Baci’s packaging

Last but not least the packaging with the heart-shaped cardboard box, with the distinctive passion red in the limited series for Valentine’s Day. Here too the brand remains unmistakable , even if the artwork is complex and full of additional elements. The cartouches are sponsored by the brilliant comedian Luciana Littizzetto and they will for sure be irresistibly witty.

Valentine's day limited series Baci Packaging
Valentine’s day limited series Baci Packaging

Can you think of other iconic packaging cases to analyze? Do you have a design in mind that you would like to implement perhaps for a Valentine’s day limited series? We can’t wait and we are here for you. Create a prototype now and we will turn it into reality!