Tin cans for long-life food have had a revolutionary importance in the evolution of men’s eating habits. In fact, since ancient times, the relevance of preserving the food over time has been immediately clear. The invention of a food preservation system guaranteed the survival of human beings in many critical situations. Without it, storing food stocks in periods of famine, carrying the food for long distances and feeding sailors and soldiers during their missions would not have been possible. Therefore, it is not surprising learning that the first packages for long-life food appeared as early as 1700.


Nowadays, there are tons of canned food available on the market. Among them, we find the sardines with their amazing tin box. Sardine tins are a classic kitchen cupboard staple loved all over the world. It is a humble old-fashioned product but despite its simplicity, it often hides a high-level of creativity in the design of its packagings. Indeed, for some reason, sardines boxes always have something fascinating. Hence, for our daily article, we selected a bunch of canned sardines packagings of many different looks that will surely leave you agape.


It is about packages that are elegant, minimalist, ironic, vintage, innovative, romantic, and many more. The thing they surely have in common is their aesthetic beauty, a factor that could not be underestimated considering the era in which we are living. Currently, the design widely influences the whole food experience, so creating bespoke catching boxes is essential for selling a product.


Some of the boxes we chose are so beautiful that you might be sorry for opening them, others use the opening as an essential part of their unique unboxing experience. This is the case of the packagings realized for the illustrated edition of The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Even if there is no fish inside, it is a super cool idea!

creative boox packaging sardines tin can

Then, there are canned sardines packagings with a sophisticated and old-fashioned look, just like the ones used from the Portuguese brands Riscos and José.

creative riscos box sardines
Portuguese sardines box

Other boxes focus on the irony aiming for the observer’s fun to push him to purchase.

tin packaging sardines design
creative design tin cans

Enjoy our packaging collection and tell us your opinion about the canned sardines packagings proposed. But be careful, sardines are the national dish of Portugal, then don’t be surprised noticing that most of our proposals belong to Portuguese brands. It is there that you can come across a truly exciting color and graphics show while entering sardines retail shops!

custom food packaging design
retails shop portoguese sardines creative box