In the world of beauty packaging, inspiration can come from anywhere, but few stories are as inspiring as that of Emma Chevrel.

Beauty packaging and the story of L’Organiq

The symphony of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation: beauty packaging is what carefully and stylishly houses the secrets of every beauty product. Emma Chevrel knows this well! With the determination of twenty hurricanes and an inner strength that defies any adversity, she transformed a negative life experience into a springboard to create something extraordinary. The result is L’ORGANIQ, a skincare product line that is both completely natural and sustainable. Her approach to beauty is a celebration of purity and ethics, and the packaging of her products has been selected with the same care and passion. In this interview, we had the privilege of exchanging a few words with Emma and sharing her extraordinary story of resilience and success.

Hi Emma! Let’s start from the beginning: how did the idea to create L’ORGANIQ come about, and what’s the story behind your sustainable beauty brand?

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and subsequent treatment that followed, I reevaluated my skincare choices and embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and natural, sustainable skincare, which was how L’ORGANIQ was born. I wanted to create a brand that offers inclusive, premium natural skincare products that are accessible and affordable to everyone, from teen to adult.

siero l'organiq e astuccio lineare packly
L’Organiq serum in Packly’s tuck end box

L’ORGANIQ logo is a highly recognizable element. Could you explain the meaning behind the design of your logo and how it connects to your brand’s philosophy?

L’ORGANIQ is a British brand with a French name. My husband is French and as a thank you to him for all his support since launching the brand, the French twist was in honour of him and is recognisable as an organic, natural name.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of your brand. “Beautiful skin shouldn’t cost the Earth” is a very evocative slogan. Can you tell us what it represents to you and how this motto has influenced your company’s mission?

As the tag line says, Beautiful skin shouldn’t cost the Earth and we believe this strongly in our ethos to provide sustainable, low-waste beauty. It also represents that our brand is inclusive and affordable to all.

I couldn’t help but notice the phrase “BUY WOMEN BUILT” on your website. How is this concept related to the packaging of your products?

Buy Women Built is an incredible movement to mobilse consumers to buy from female-founded businesses by showcasing who they are and why buying from them is our quickest path to a stronger, fairer economy.

Not everyone can invest in or mentor female founders, but everyone can buy from them.

By shining a light on women-built brands, Buy Women Built’s movement brings choice to consumers who want to empower and support women, while inspiring future female entrepreneurs that they can do it too.

For the creation and design of your skincare packaging, you chose Packly. What was the reasoning behind this choice, and what advantages have you found using the platform?

Packly has been an efficient and reliable supplier for us. The flexibility in design creation, especially the 3D facility and excellent support team, makes creating our secondary packaging designs versatile and easy to complete.

Speaking of packaging, which box model did you select on Packly, and why did you consider “her” the ideal choice for L’ORGANIQ sustainable beauty packaging?

The tuck end box model has been our staple design for all our boxes and works well for production with it’s easy to errect design and our consumers love it for easy opening.

tuck end boxes for l'organiq
Tuck end boxes for L’Organiq

Sustainability is a key element for both Packly and L’ORGANIQ. Can you tell us which environmental values you share with Packly and how these values are reflected in your eco-friendly cosmetic packaging?

As a certified Carbon Neutral Business, sustainability in all aspects of our business are crucial to us. All suppliers we work with must have the same ethos and Packly’s like-minded commitment to preserving the environment makes them the perfect partner for all our packaging.

Considering the evolving beauty industry and your passion for sustainability, how do you foresee L’ORGANIQ continuing to lead the change in the cosmetic landscape in the coming years?

The beauty industry is a saturated sector, however, not enough brands are actively working towards low-waste and the after-life of their products and packaging.

Since we launched 4 years ago, we are actively researching better ways to fulfil our eco-commitment and one of the post effected has been our ‘Return and Reward’ scheme, rewarding the return of L’ORGANIQ empties to us using our Freepost service, so that we can responsibly recycle them and ensure they don’t find their way into landfill.

l'organiq tuck end box for the beauty packaging
L’Organiq tuck end box


In conclusion, Emma Chevrel’s story has created a skincare line that embraces naturalness and sustainability. Emma has managed the creation of her beauty packaging, the essential guardian of beauty, with a keen eye on the environment. And that’s not all! She also saw how Packly’s functional design and 3D preview realised her vision.