Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily and one of the oldest in Italy. With more than 150 years of activity, the company is worldwide known for the quality and the traditional taste of its chocolate.

The ancient processing methods of the artisan Dolceria are handed down from generation to generation. The great artisan skills and the traditional production techniques are always combined with accurate historical, gastronomic and scientific researches. Bonajuto company always tries to preserve and actualize ancient practices through innovation. In this way the Dolceria guarantees the production of a high-range authentic chocolate. Hyblean recipes and cold-processed chocolate are just some of the company’s strengths.


Bonajuto chocolate packagings: a matter of style

Modican chocolate bars and all other Bonajuto products are characterized by a high attention to detail, both in the production and in the packaging design phase. The extreme care, the passion for work and the use of a few high quality ingredients guarantee the authenticity and the typical taste of Bonajuto chocolate. The design and the production of the packagings are also characterized by a high level of attention to the structural and visual aspects of the boxes. Each package is strictly customized for each product.

Timeless packaging

Cinnamon and vanilla chocolate bars are the classic Bonajuto tastes, as well as the first ones that have been produced. This is the reason why the Dolceria decided to celebrate their importance and uniqueness preserving the 100g format and the original packaging. Their identifying colours are always the same: red for cinnamon and pink for vanilla.

antica dolceria bonajuto packaging design 1
modica chocolate package design

Creative synergies

To keep up with the times and to strengthen ties with other industries Antica Dolceria Bonajuto has been collaborating for years with different partners that often have modican origins.

For example, the 50g chocolate bars packages were made in collaboration with the illustrator Angelo Ruta. This chocolate packagings have been created starting from the classic tuck end box. Ruta’s illustrations are inspired by product ingredients, history or territory. Each elements have been revisited and customized to create a unique, full of meaning image. Stylized drawings that represent plants, fruits, aboriginal masks or animal depictions are only an example. The only constant is the brand on the front bottom.


The different products can be also purchased in comfortable gift boxes specifically designed to suit any need!


The importance of packaging

Bonajuto chocolate packagings show how it is important for a company to enhance its uniqueness through personalised packagings able to tell the story and the values of the brand. Authentic products and visual communication united to attracts customers.

Enjoy our collection of the beautiful Bonajuto chocolate packagings to get inspired.

(Photos courtesy of: Antica Dolceria Bonajuto)