Boombox, the portable radio that gave voice to an entire generation, returns in a new version, courtesy of Packly! Nostalgia and modernity come together for a packaging designed for your favorite song.

The boombox made it possible to take music “outside.” Born in the mid-1970s by dad Phillips, it saw its peak in the 1980s-’90s. The vintage appeal of this great portable radio, it was the voice of a generation: the street, hip hop and break dance promoters. It was usual to see it among youngsters in American suburbs, and it was a real fashion, rebellion, and above all an expression of street culture. But where did its name come from? The word “Boombox” is named after the combination of two terms, “boom” and “box.”

Boom refers to the loud and powerful sound produced by audio speakers;
Box indicates the shape of a box or case.

The word thus describes a portable device equipped with powerful speakers that can play music at high volume. These devices became popular in the 1980s, enabling people to listen to music wherever they were because of their portability and ability to play audio cassettes.

Boombox Packly: a nostalgic moment

Life without music would be a mistake, as someone said. Nowadays, it is unthinkable to be without the sounds that surround us. We listen to music everywhere, even in our thoughts! It has happened to everyone, at least once in their life, to have a song or melody stuck in their mind for days, providing the soundtrack to their imagination.

The boombox gave us the ability to take music outside of the radio, to bring it with us everywhere through cassettes and then CDs. In recent times, technological advancements have changed and facilitated this task.

A nostalgic moment has inspired the creative minds at Packly, who set out to design a box tailored to your favorite song! The cardboard boombox created has been reinvented and designed to replace CDs and cassettes with smartphones. In fact, the box features a customized slot where you can place your smartphone, press play, and listen to the sound amplified by the speakers, all made of cardboard! Quite a bomb, isn’t it?


The main packaging is a handle box (1-2-3 bottom), containing two open end boxes that serve as amplifying speakers (the holes on the boxes allow for sound amplification!). The central cutout on the radio allows for easy placement of your smartphone to listen to your favorite song or playlist comfortably.

Strengths of the Packly Boombox

  • Easy to assemble: both the handle box and the open end boxes are designed in a way that allows for quick and easy assembly. The 1-2-3 bottom allows for greater strength and stability to the packaging structure. While, the presence of a handle on the box makes it easier and more convenient to carry (much more convenient and lighter than the original!). 
  • Aesthetics: there is not much to add; the Packly Boombox is stunning! Details and design only enhance it and make it stylish. Every graphic element is designed to make it look like the typical 80s boombox. Like the black tone-on-tone paint on the sides and the silver ennoblement that makes the sound knobs and speakers sparkle.
  • Interactive: the purpose of our boombox is not just aesthetic. Born as an opportunity to take music with you and everywhere, Packly’s box also takes up the concept. And makes it modern! The recess was created to fit the phone. So, once placed in the space, just press play on the screen and the Boombox amplifies your favorite song.

Packaging technical information

OUTER BOX MODEL: Handle box | 1-2-3 bottom
MATERIAL: 400 white SBS
DIMENSIONS: 300x80x140 mm
INSIDE BOX MODEL: Open end box | Tuck end (2 equal pieces)
DIMENSIONS: 107x79x137 mm
MATERIAL: SBS white 400



In conclusion, the Packly Boombox represents an interesting combination of nostalgia and modernity. A union of charm of the past with the facilities of the present. If you too want to relive the old days with fun and a touch of innovation, just click here! You will find this and other models, fully customizable. What are you waiting for? Make your favorite song play!