Cannabis is actually having a great moment! In the past months, in Italy, there was a real boom in light cannabis sales. Indeed, only in May the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies gave the green light to the production and sale of this type of cannabis. Specifically, light cannabis is a kind of legal marijuana with a very low THC level and no psychotropic effects. The light cannabis business has created a turnover that already counts very high figures also with regard to the cannabis packaging designs.

Cannabis stores

Legalizing the sale of marijuana has encouraged the emergence of many cannabis light stores, also known as hemp shops. The stores, both physical and online, sell multiple articles concerning hemp or made with it. We are talking about a large number of different products, from biscuits to infusions and dried inflorescences. All these cannabis items have quickly achieved considerable success and, for this reason, hemp shops have started needing custom cannabis packaging in order to distinguish their brand from competitors and to make it recognizable.

In Italy, the dried inflorescences normally are labeled “product to technical/industrial use”. Indeed, almost all Italian hemp shops are keen to point out that their legal marijuana is not a medicine, it is not a combustion or food product and, above all, it can not be sold to minors.

Cannabis packaging design and advertising

Hemp-based products are relatively new on the Italian market and in some other countries, this is why a lot of companies are experiencing a real “green gold rush”. At this stage, it is essential for them to stand out from the competition to grab the largest number of customers. The key tools to achieve this goal are the launch of new products and their promotion.

Effectively and attractively advertise your brand and products significantly increases the chances of reaching and attracting a wide and heterogeneous range of customers. One of the most effective tools to endear your brand to consumers is, of course, the packaging.

Create custom and memorable light cannabis packaging designs is a great way to get noticed and to be remembered. In addition, the attention to detail shown from the box highlights the care and passion that the brand puts in the creation of its products and it adds value to the consumer’s shopping experience.

Our gallery of light cannabis packaging designs contains excellent packaging examples characterized by a truly remarkable graphic and structural design. Enjoy it!