In the last Packly partnership, we helped Carbogang‘s guys pulling off an exceptional feat. They planned to deliver to people’s home the best ingredients to prepare the perfect carbonara using cool Carbokits.

When creativity calls, Packly is ready to answer.

Who are the Carbogang’s guys?


Carbogang consists of 4 young friends who share a strong passion for Roman carbonara, one of the most popular Italian dishes. The guys decided to spread their love for it with as many people as possible. How? Exploiting the communicative power of Instagram, of course.

After its creation, their IG profile has immediately got thousands of followers being a great success. Thus, it has led to the creation of the Carbokit.

What are Carbokits?

Carbokits are boxes that contain everything you need to prepare the carbonara at home. Each kit includes Monograno Felicetti pasta, Amatriciano SANO bacon, pecorino Romano D.O.P. Deroma, black pepper from Madagascar, Carboricetta (the written recipe of carbonara), and a secret password to view the Carbogang Videoricetta.

sponsorship- packly - carbokit-carbogang-custom-packaging

Ingredients are all made in Italy. They have been accurately selected to guarantee the genuineness of the products and the best value for money. However, that is not enough to reach perfection. Indeed, you need to follow the Carboricetta and the cooking tricks shown in the video to prepare a great Roman carbonara. The recommended doses and the illustrated steps are the results of many attempts and failures of Carbogang. That is the reason why they should be considered a real ace in the hole.

Carbokit powered by Packly

Once the contents of the kit were decided, the guys started designing its packaging. That’s where Packly came into play. We sponsored the project taking care of the production of the right box for the perfect carbonara.

The packaging was one of the core points of the project. Indeed, home delivery requires packages able to protect, preserve, and introduce products at their best. On this occasion, Carbokits have been the first touch point between Carbogang and its followers. So, seen from this perspective, the packaging has played a delicate role in impressing consumers.

carbonara kit home cooking bespoke boxes packly

It has become an essential part of the initiative. For this reason, Carbogang has chosen Packly as an official partner to create them.

Our online application allows creating bespoke packagings with custom sizes and artworks. Thus, the guys have entirely personalized their boxes according to their needs in a fast and easy way. The extreme design flexibility has been crucial in choosing Packly. Also, the 3D live preview feature has been a plus when designing the artwork.

sponsorship packaging powered by packly

Carbokits have been created using the rollover hinged lid box commonly used for shipping. We also use it to ship Packly sample kits. The specific box style chosen is the one with the hook, which ensures a better closure. The graphic design is coordinated with the visual design of the brand making the kits recognizable at first glance.

What do you think about them?



Carbokits have been widely and warmly approved by followers starting from their first launch. Let’s read some comments on Carbogang IG profile to feel their excitement.

This result is undoubtedly due to the care and perseverance of the creators of the project, who have been able to turn a passion into a real business. Their eye for details has also made the difference as you can see from the care dedicated to the creation of their bespoke packagings.

Choosing to produce boxes tailored to the products has strongly valorized them. That is the winning move which made the project even more appreciated by followers.

What are you waiting for? Let’s create your bespoke boxes on Packly and amaze your fans.