In our daily case history we meet Gianluca Baldini, a Packly user, whom we asked some question about his experience with our custom packaging online tool.

Hi Gianluca, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

Hi guys, I am Gianluca Baldini, Marketing Manager for Technogym. After a decennial experience as wellness designer for the company, that designs and produces fitness and wellness equipment, I’ve been working in the marketing and communication area for four years. I am also interested in everything related to graphics and design.

Why did you decide to use our service?

I used Packly for some personal projects: Bau Bau Foto and I fiori dell’Anima. Since the projects were in the early stage, I didn’t need large runs of printing, this is the reason why I found in Packly the best solution for my needs. First of all it allowed me to approach even small amounts of product and, secondly, to create 3D previews of the box before printing. Such a service for a packaging designer at the begin like me was a great help to avoid sizing and graphic design errors.

What is the importance of the packaging in the marketing strategy of your projects?

The packaging plays a vital role in the communication strategy adopted for the projects launch as it ensures the differentiation from competitors that offer a similar service/product. Ad hoc packagings together with a dedicated history will always make the difference.

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

I cannot make a comparison with other suppliers, because I had no other experiences outside of Packly. It was because I was immediately happy with you in fact thanks to your service I had the opportunity to produce and analyze my packaging then, at the time, I don’t need to find alternative providers. The advantage for me exists and consists mainly in the easiness with which I was able to manage and successfully complete my designs.


custom picture frame for Bau Bau

Packly Baldini custom box