For our daily post we had the pleasure to interview Paola Tartaglino, one of the founder of hoppípolla, a box full of unexpected creative products and indie projects, shipped by subscription each month. The term hoppípolla, “jump into puddles”, is borrowed from a song by Sigur Rós and it celebrates lightheartedness and wonder typical of kids. The same feelings and emotions evoked by the surprise box: subscribe, get the box, discover the content and be inspired. Francesco Rellini, Simona Basilavecchia and Nicola Minerva are the other names behind this wonderful project.

Let’s leave the floor to Paola, who will tell us more about the service and about hoppípolla custom boxes.

Hi Paola, tell us more about hoppípolla: what is it?

Hoppípolla is a surprise box delivered monthly to subscribers. It contains products of independent culture: a design object, an illustrated product, an editorial project, a musical playlist and another little surprise, always different.

A real idea in a box. Perhaps my next question might be obvious, but how important is packaging for hoppípolla?

Packaging is really important for hoppípolla. It protects the different elements and gives them an added value: customers have a better perception of products with a well-designed packaging that also highlights the care we put in packing our product.

Before collaborating, you already found us. Why did you decide to use Packly to create hoppípolla custom boxes?

Some of our products are created in collaboration with designers and illustrators: they are not on the market, so we also have to design their packaging. We decided to use Packly because we were just seeking a service that would allow us to personalise both the sizes and the graphics of the boxes. Packly was the perfect solution to our problem.

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

Packly’s packagings finalize our product and show the great care we put in what we do, even while packing all the stuffs.


Here are the hoppípolla custom boxes realised with Packly!


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