In our daily post Francesco Marchetti, manager and partner of Melopero S.r.l.s., explains us why he chose Packly to realise his Raspberry Pi custom sleeves.

Hi Francesco, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

Hi you all! I’m Francesco Marchetti, manager and partner of Melopero S.r.l.s., a company founded in 2015 that deals in electronic products for Makers belonging to the most important brands such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Adafruit, Sparkfun and more. The company is specialised in the design of new products for Makers, including electronic cards of latest sensor technologies, starter kit and tutorials for any needs. I could say that our main features are: an high-quality dedicated customer service, excellent technical skills and an efficient logistic service.

Why did you decide to use Packly to create the Raspberry Pi custom sleeves for Melopero?

We were looking for a company to help us realising an outstanding packaging in an easy and convenient way. While browsing we were lucky to find Packly, that from the first moment proved to be the perfect solution in simplicity, rapidity and final quality.

What is the importance of the packaging in your company marketing strategy?

Concerning the electronic world for Makers, where attention to every detail is highly important, packaging always plays a strategic role in creation and sale of an excellent product. In Melopero we want to highlight the care and the passion we use on creating and choosing our products starting from the box.

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

Packly service is really unique and allowed us to drastically reduce times and costs in creating prototypes. From the first moment, the high-quality print really impressed us. Regarding the new products creation we’re very happy to collaborate with a packaging specialist like Packly.


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Melopero sleeves Raspberry Pi

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