Today we have the pleasure to better know Paolo Bartalesi, founder and partner of SEGNO ADV and also Packly user.

Paolo will give us some of his personal time to answer at some questions about his experience with our service.

Hi Paolo, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

Hi guys! I am Paolo Bartalesi founder and partner of the advertising agency ‘Segno ADV’ located in Lucca that provides communication services to companies at 360 degrees since 1979. I take care of the relationships with customers and also manage the design process with control and verification of subsequent operational steps in order to ensure the best possible result to the customer.

What is the importance of the packaging in your industry?

Packaging design is a very important part of our work, I would rather say that it is essential: in fact, we have more than thirty years of experience in the field.

Why – as industry expert – did you decide to use our service?

We needed some prototypes to complete the design process of a packages series. Previously we created them with our internal equipment, then we entrusted the creation to other companies but the process wasn’t smooth. So we started to look for a trusted partner that could make this – very important and decisive – project step as simple and satisfying as possible. During a thorough web search I found Packly, a very friendly website, complete and with many possibilities both for standard design and for small customizations – on request. A few questions for explanations on the comfortable online chat and we decided to entrust to this company the important phase of prototyping. I immediately had the feeling (which later became a conviction) to be in contact with very kind and competent people willing to satisfy even the most particular requests wherever possible.

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

The result and the satisfaction – our and of our customers – were excellent: prototypes printed on appropriate quality paperboard were just like final models with an excellent color matching ( another key element for their success) at an unbeatable price considering their quality and the perfect time of shipping. Packly allowed us to show the customer the result of our project in the best way giving full satisfaction to both sides. The first experience was very positive so we decided to make another one after a short time: Packly is now our accredited supplier for packaging prototypes. We finally found the missing link and for this reason I would like to thank Packly team for their helpfulness and professionalism.


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