Today we meet Gregory Kariori, founder of the start-up ‘Signed By: Gregory Kariori’, a company that allows everyone to create personalised memories books of their travels. These books are made to better store up travel photos.

We had the pleasure to ask Gregory some question about his experience with Packly.

Hi Gregory, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

My name is Gregory Kariori and I am the founder of the start-up company ‘Signed By: Gregory Kariori’. I am a photographer, a designer but above all, I am a traveler. Having traveled over 85,000 kilometers around the world, where I took more than 15,000 photos, I came up with a problem: where to store and how to display these photos. The solution was to create a memory book, like the professional editions, based on the editorial design, where every memory book would be my personal “travel magazine”. That was the birth of the idea of bringing the editorial design in the everyday man and create individual and personalised memories books of high standards, mixing the art of photography with the graphic design and editorial design.

Why did you decide to use our service?

As we were looking for the best solution for packing our memories books, we came up with many different ideas and companies, however, we were facing problems related to either the quality or the quantity or the price. So we thought that you were the best choice. You were using quality paper like the Iggesund Invercote Creato, you were having a very easy process of creating the graphic layouts, and you were having the ability to produce the quantity that we wanted and all these things at a very affordable price.

What is the importance of the packaging in your company marketing strategy?

Our company considers quality the top of its strategy. Our books are created with the highest digital printing standards, using the best quality papers. Generally, we want the final product to exceed the customers’ expectations in terms of quality. We want the customer to believe that what he pays is worth it: from the graphic design inside the book to the ribbon we use to decorate the final package. We are using raw materials that are of top quality and known brands. Under these circumstances, Packly was the best choice to become our partner in creating our packaging.

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

First of all, I have to say that you saved us from a lot of effort and money! The communication, the design, and the delivery of the final product were magnificent. We experienced no problems at any time of the production, the payment or the delivery. Secondly, our customers in the sight of the new packaging were amazed! They believe that the new packaging provides a competitive advantage to the whole spectrum of our services. So, the packaging offered a supplementary added value to our final product.


memory books custom packaging by Packly

Signed by Gregory Kariori boxes made with Packly