For our second case history, we chose one of the most promising Italian startups: Satispay. After reaching 10,000 users and 30,000 downloads of the app, the company – that provides an innovative payment system – got an important funding.

We had the pleasure to ask some questions to James Kenneally, a member of the Satispay team, who told us about his experience with Packly.

Hi James, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

Hi guys, I am the Marketing Manager of Satispay, a smart payment system! It allows money exchange between friends and conduct transactions in affiliated shops, free and immediately, simply using the smartphone. Unlike many other mobile payment systems, Satispay uses the IBAN instead of debit and credit card details in order to make payment safer and more efficient, it can be used by anyone with a bank account, whatever the bank.

Why did you decide to use our service?

We decided to work with Packly bearing in mind these two keywords: “security” and “efficiency”. We use the boxes to ship ‘Satispay Welcome Kits’ to our merchants and Brand Ambassadors. Packly boxes are customizable in every aspect, from aesthetic to dimensions, feature that makes them very efficient. Thanks to Packly when we send our ‘Welcome Kit’, we send a package that reflects our identity.

What is the importance of the packaging in theĀ marketing strategy of your company?

We do not sell a physical product that needs a package, however, the packaging has a big impact on communications with our community. The box is not simply used for storing the content, it establishes membership inĀ a community, our community. Something to be proud of!

The welcome kit is an experience that begins from the moment you open the box. It’s almost as if you are in our office: from that moment you start to feel part of Satispay philosophy. It is very important for us that the recipient, whether a merchant or an ambassador, feels to be part of something special!

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

We are pleased to collaborate with another Italian company that works hard to provide not only a product but also a high-quality service!



satispay_box detail

satispay welcome kit