December is finally here! You too, are you waiting for this moment to incessantly talk about Christmas? Time spent waiting is over! And what better way to inaugurate this holiday month then with a shiny Christmas packagings collection that will make your head spin?


Design choices

Red, green, silver, gold. Snowballs, reindeers, snowflakes, snowmen, biscuits. And still, bright stars, ribbons, trees, strenne, you name it. Several habits and a visual design that by now became stronger over the years. Where is the innovation hiding, then? Inside the unexpected, of course, but in the wise use of characteristic symbols as well, already widely known and used, in a distinctive and original way, far away from banality.


Christmas packagings here proposed contain many different graphic interpretations of them and many new design proposal. Boxes that look typical, familiar and more common, up to elegant, creative and often funny packaging solutions. A mixed style to show how, starting from the same topic, many different ideas and representations may come up. One subject, many creative solutions.

Well, let’s cut the chatter! Here it is our Christmas packaging selection that needs no word, ready to let you totally soak in Christmas time.


If you are looking for other inspirations, have a look at our previous articles about Christmas packagings and keep following us: we are getting ready for a creative xmas proposal!