Coffee packaging is like a second embrace, a detail that extends beyond the steaming cup. The packaging should convey a story through touch even before it does through taste.

Coffee packaging: interview with Victor for Hermanos Colombian Coffee

Hermanos Colombian Coffee, as its name suggests, is a blend of fraternal bonds and a deep passion for coffee; a story intertwined with tradition, human connection, and Colombian richness.

When coffee is more than just a beverage and becomes a daily ritual, its packaging becomes the emblem of this unique experience. Hermanos, founded by brothers Victor and Santiago along with their friend Adnan, was born from a shared passion for coffee beans and for Colombia, the homeland of this dark beverage that is a source of national pride. It’s a declaration of human connection that Hermanos embraces and conveys through its carefully crafted packaging.

In this interview for Packly, Victor tells us how coffee packaging becomes a visual essence of what makes Hermanos so unique, much like the unmistakable fragrance of freshly ground beans. All of this is surrounded by the backdrop of the upcoming Christmas season, the perfect occasion to be enveloped in the warm aroma and scent of coffee.

“Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters”, a name that evokes fraternal ties. We would love to learn more about your story. How did you start this adventure, and how did coffee become your point of connection?

We’ve always had so much passion for coffee – it’s Colombia’s national pride! Brothers Victor and Santiago and their friend Adnan bonded over their shared love of caffeine and Colombia, and Hermanos was born!

Fun fact, Hermanos was actually started with a home-roaster.

Coffee is more than a beverage; it’s a bridge between the past and the present, between people and stories. From vibrant markets to neighborhood cafes, it’s a unifying element that knows no barriers. Hermanos is committed to showcasing Colombian culture through its beans. How does this mission translate into the identity of your brand?

Colombia is known for diversity in both nature and people. Hermanos showcases the best of the country, from its produce to its vibrant colours, cultures and ethnicities.

We’re focused on perfecting our craft in coffee-brewing and empowering our farmer friends, all without forgetting our Colombian roots.

In this boundaryless journey, packaging is a crucial element not to be underestimated. How did you discover Packly? Could you share your first impressions?

We were sourcing for a packaging solution where we could tailor to fit our coffee bags and Christmas offerings., producing something special for our customers.

Our limited-edition beans are the celebration of the hard work of our farmer partners, and we want to share these gift sets not only with our customers but also their families and loved ones.

Packly’s platform was easy to use, modify designs and preview the product in 3D.

The orders are proofed by their in-house team, and shipping is fast. It’s a feasible and flexible solution for our Christmas offerings.

Packaging, like coffee, requires exploration and experimentation. Did you try various approaches before arriving at an ideal solution?

Yes, we worked with our design partners to design the best packaging solution for our Christmas products.

We had some requirements: the sizes had to be flexible to be used with different combinations of gift sets, the colours and design had to communicate our brand identity, and the material used had to uphold our products

These were all adjustable on Packly.

When deciding on the packaging, what was the main factor you considered to ensure customers have a good overall experience? Also, which packaging option did you ultimately choose?

We picked a box with sleeves for flexibility in size, usability, user experience, and giftability.

We want to help reduce wrapping waste, so we chose a box that slowly reveals its contents as one opens it, and the box was designed to be giftable without the need to wrap an extra layer of paper over it.

Packaging often becomes a visual extension of the brand. How does your packaging, created with Packly, communicate the values and history of Hermanos Colombian Coffee?

We love coffee and that’s why we want to share the very best Colombian specialty coffee with our customers.

We want our customers to be able to share great morning coffees with their friends and families. Packly helps us create a giftable packaging solution that allows for great cups of warmth to be shared this Christmas.


It is fascinating to see how packaging can become a visual story of a brand, as in the case of Hermanos. Their passion for coffee and Colombia resonates in every aspect of their story. The gift boxes made on Packly, in particular, become a tangible bridge between their mission and the complete customer experience: coffee packaging that conveys the values of conviviality, passion and tradition.