Cosmopack/Cosmoprof emerging trends from Bologna 2022 

We have recently returned from Bologna where the Cosmopack/Cosmoprof ended and it is time to draw up a summary. The event marks the restart of the beauty and cosmetics sector. The latter in 2022 reached a turnover of over 27 billion euros. These levels are comparable to 2019, so before the Covid pandemic upset the balance of the planet.

2,700 companies and buyers from more than 90 countries from all over the world gathered in Bologna. Obviously, the Chinese players back in lockdown and those of the countries currently affected by the military conflict were missing, but the data did not disappoint anyway.

The key themes of Cosmopack/Cosmoprof 2022

This edition of Cosmoprof / Cosmopack presented distinctive features that position it in a remarkably different way than in the past. If we had to give a unique interpretation of the event we would say: green. The dominant color in the booths was undoubtedly green. Sustainability, in fact, has found its declination thanks to the emphasis placed on organic, vegan and plastic-free products. Until 10 years ago, few companies were interested in these audience niches. Now, however, the market imposes and promotes these trends.

Cosmopack/Cosmoprof: Packly's booth
Cosmopack/Cosmoprof: Packly’s booth

The declination of green pillars in packaging

Going into the detail of packaging, the fundamental levers of the future are: extreme personalization, sustainable luxury and zero waste.

We at Packly have intercated with various stakeholders, prospects and loyal customers, bringing our contribution to the table.

Cosmopack/Cosmoprof emerging trends seen by Packly
Business talks with the CEO at Packly’s booth

Cosmopack/Cosmoprof emerging trends seen by Packly

  • Ordering packaging with customized and on-demand measures avoids waste and reduces the impact of the entire supply chain on the environment. Packly produces packaging using 100% energy from renewable sources.
  • All materials are food safe and therefore extremely versatile.
  • Personalization: to each his own packaging. Our model library offers an almost limitless range of solutions.
  • Thanks to the special finishes available on Packly, customers can embellish packages at competitive prices and in a sustainable way.


In short, if you are an operator of the cosmetics sector or any industry, try our one stop shop  platform for high quality and sustainable packaging. Create a prototype now!