Founded by the jewelry designer Tatiana Sánchez, UNELEFANTE is an online gift shop for the sale of innovative artistic products. The project was born from the strong desire of the designer to create a place where anyone could find beautiful gifts able to surprise and make people happy. After conceiving the platform, Sánchez has started creating a series of art objects, rigorously inspired by Mexican culture and produced in Mexico. Their unique purpose is bringing joy to the people who receive them. Among them, you might find the custom chocolate bars and their creative packaging, which we will analyze in this article.

Some of the chocolate lines available on UNELEFANTE are the result of different artistic collaborations with Mexican entrepreneurs and artists. The Pollock chocolate has been the first product created from the winning synergy between Tatiana Sánchez and Jorge Llanderal and family, one of the best chocolatiers in Mexico.

The professional experience and the passion for the art of the designer and the artisan knowledge of Llanderal have led to the birth of chocolate bars inspired by the art of the American painter Jackson Pollock, hence their name. It is about hand painted chocolate bars with lashings of colored cocoa butter. Each lot is characterized by the use of different color palettes, both for aesthetic and practical reasons.

The creativity of the product also affects its box. Indeed, the chocolate bars are packed into a creative packaging covered by bright and brilliant splashes of color. After the first tasty success, Sánchez and Llanderal continued their collaboration creating a lot of beautiful items.

Another lucky encounter marked the fate of Tatiana Sánchez, it was the meeting with the mezcal producer, Carlos Leal, which led to a second interesting collaboration. The two have combined their skills to create 4 tasty bark bars which, as Ms. Sanchez suggests, should be paired with a smoky flavored shot of Mezcal. For this line, the packagings have been customized with Mexican style illustrations, which recall images and masks of tradition.

UNELEFANTE products are meant to be given away and, for this reason, each one is the result of a long creative and artistic process aimed at turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Ms. Sánchez wants to create objects able to create a unique and unforgettable experience for anyone who receives them.

Hence, if you something to celebrate, UNELEFANTE could do just for you!