The wristwatches have been first used as simple everyday objects. Then over time, they have become real status symbols taking an important stylistic value. Being a widespread product, we have decided to collect a bunch of creative wristwatch boxes to get inspired by. But before showing you them, we will shortly talk about the history of timekeeping devices.

Timekeeping device history

Sundials and stone circles are some of the oldest tools used to measure and keep track of time. Indeed, the first records of sundials date back to the third millennium BC. In later ages, alternative and more reliable instruments were invented. Their measurement was based on the regular progress of events. It is the case of hourglasses, candle, and water clocks. In the Middle Age, the first large mechanical clocks were introduced, and they were soon installed on many bell towers.

The first wristwatch was invented by Patek Philippe at the end of the 19th century.

Countess Koscowicz of Hungary patek philippe first wristwatch
First wristwatch created for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary
by Patek Philippe in 1868.

Wristwatches were first designed only for women, but suddenly they have become a male accessory too, thanks to their comfort and ease of use.

Wristwatch production boom

During the First World War, the wristwatch sales exponentially increased. The practicality and the accuracy of these watches made them indispensable to conduct combined attacks avoiding the huge losses caused by pocket ones. Indeed, the latter were uncomfortable, difficult to read and often inaccurate. For this reason, the Chief of Staffs decided to replace them by introducing wristwatches, which were soon distributed to all soldiers.

first military wristwatch by harrods
Military wristwatch, Harrods – 1914.

This sudden demand required a large-scale production, which made the product more convenient and affordable. Since then, wristwatches spread widely becoming essential style accessories.

Nowadays, indeed, almost everyone has got one. People buy them for practical or aesthetic reasons as well. Thus, watch manufacturing companies created hundreds of stylistic variations to please everyone. Each kind of product has its own watch packaging, and each packaging is designed to protect, move, and valorize its content.

Creative wristwatch boxes

For our daily gallery, we have selected some of the creative wristwatch boxes that have most impressed us.

Enjoy them!