In the previous blog post “The perfect medical packaging”, we talked about some of the stylistic choices concerning pharmaceutical packaging design.

In one interesting article written by Melanie Streich for Interpack, “Pharmaceutical packaging: safety across the board”, it is clearly explained that pharmaceutical packages “have to not only meet the complex needs and constraints of technology and safety, but also win through at the point of sale (POS) against a host of competing products”.

After several in-depth analyses of the issue and keeping in mind some of the project suggestions in the previous article: clear design, large use of white, readability and differentiation first, we wanted to take a challenge by creating this ad hoc pharmaceutical project.


Pharmaceutical packaging to increase your sales

The package is meant to contain an eye-dropper bottle and was realised starting from the standard reverse tuck end box available on Packly. This kind of packaging, in fact, is one of the most used models in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its easy way of opening that will help even who has small motor coordination diseases (e.g. light dyspraxia, etc.).

While designing a product you should always take into account possible issues physically weak people may run across. A more necessary consideration when talking about products designed for pharmaceutical industry.


Graphic design

Once chosen the most appropriate packaging for your needs and set the dimensions, it’s time to design your graphics.

White background, synonym of purity, geometric and sharp-cornered lines to give a sense of rigour and precision. Sans serif font and large line-spacing to guarantee the readability of all information. The beginning looks good 🙂

The main colour is the orange, proposed in different shades that, inside the internal geometric pattern, turns into yellow. The chromatic variation refers to variation of patient condition: the passage from illness to recovery.

In this project (non-commercial) we aim to highlight the potential of the extreme one-to-one customization offered by Packly, directly referring to potential customers, whose names stand out on the front box. A great way to catch their attention, don’t you believe?


Have a look at our packages and tell us your opinion 🙂


Technical packaging information

Packaging type: Standard reverse tuck box
Dimensions: 35x35x85
Printing method: four-colours process




pharmaceutical packaging design