Custom picture frames: the double wall tray keeps on amaze! Discover the potential of this fantastic packaging in a new “Beyond the packaging” inspirational: our ideas at your service.

How many times have you wished to create unique frames for your pictures? How many more went you back to what you found? Today we suggest three Packly sets of custom picture frames. Double wall trays made with cardboard in three different versions: wood, leather and black and white. Wait a moment, were we talking about cardboard? Exactly! You can print your personalised artwork on our boxes and you will get the visual effect that you most like and that’s not all: you can even choose the sizes you prefer. The proposed sets consist of a series of double wall trays of different sizes that create an elegant and dynamic modular composition, with a strong visual impact. The personalization is completed by the inclusion of phrases and quotes on the edges of our custom picture frames. An innovative and easy way to keep your memories and your emotions at an unbeatable price. On Packly you can print from one to infinite copies of your packaging that can be turned into real furnishing of which you can’t do without.

Do not miss the upcoming events of “Beyond the boxes”: creativity comes through here.

Try now! Print your custom boxes and turn them into unique and original picture frames.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Double wall tray

Dimensions: A: 125 B: 125 H: 35
A: 160 B: 100 H: 35
A: 160 B: 160 H: 35
A: 220 B: 125 H: 35
A: 250 B: 125 H: 35
A: 370 B: 125 H: 35
A: 400 B: 125 H: 35
A: 550 B: 125 H: 35

Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


simulated wood frame

picture frames with custom texture

picture frames made with cardboard

cardboard picture frames

carboard custom picture frame

custom frames simulated leather

custom frame with your name

custom frame leather texture

custom picture frames with wood texture

black and white custom picture frames

custom picture frames with leather texture