The daily creative proposal is a custom sewing kit designed for who, about measures, knows.

The Do It Yourself rollover hinged lid box is meant to contain a sewing kit designed for all those one who love DIY: bobbins, needles, pins, chalks, scissors and whatever you can think of.

The graphics layout of our Do It Yourself packagings reflects the handmade character of the product, or better, of its goals. A calligraphic shaky font, meant to be imprecise, together with the representation of the various tools of the trade using a simple and essential style. An irregular shape, including different graphic elements and placed on a pastel green background, that is suddenly stopped by the overlapping of a sketchbook and some sticky notes. A kind of rough collage that highlights the handmade dimension of DIY. Other graphic symbols are placed on the rollover hinged lid box front and back, as if they want to tell us what it is inside the DIY boxes.

Simple and playful illustrations that characterize an intentionally plain and familiar design, close to the one who will use the product and, therefore, its packaging.


Your custom sewing kit in just a few steps

Staying on the DIY topic, we decided to make the graphic file of Packly’s sewing kit available to you. Are you ready to create your bespoke box? You will only need to download the PDF file, print it to 1:1 scale on a paperboard with the similar grammage we used (0,345 mm – 300 gsm), cut the packaging along the blue lines and fold the various sides following the red ones.


Download – Vector PDF file


That’s it, the packaging for your sewing kit is ready to use!


Packaging technical information:

Packaging type: Hinged lid box
Dimensions: 146 x 86 x 26
Printing method: four-colour process







sewing kit packaging