In some cases choosing a gift, whatever the occasion, might turn into a real torment. In others, as they say, even a thought might be enough. Father’s Day is part of the last ones. Whatever the gift, it will always be welcomed by every father. This year Packly suggests a simple but always useful gift idea: a men socks set with its custom Father’s Day box.

Special edition socks boxes

The socks boxes proposed are composed of a ¾ height lid and bottom box and 3 custom sleeves used to wrap 3 pairs of socks. The company logo, centered on the external bottom of the monochromatic tray, is its main customization element. Another logo is placed on the lid in the same central position. The artwork of the lid is composed of a blue background and a pattern of multicolored circles. On its two sides stands a greeting message for dads, surrounded by an explosion of straight lines.

The same message pops up on the sleeves, whilst “Festa del papà 2018, special edition” highlights the uniqueness of the gift set, proposed in special edition just for the event. The graphic style of the internal packages is very simple and essential: white background with blue finishings on the edges, few texts but extremely clear. Only the essential information is shown: greeting message, logo and website of the manufacturing company, the event. The three sleeves enclose three pairs of socks rolled inside the square shape. The vivid patterns of the socks are deliberately in contrast with the simplicity of the wrap accessories in order to keep the focus on the product.

A special edition socks packaging set that could be created in any graphics variant and in the desired quantity. A gift idea that will make every dad feel unique.

Remember: the box is important, but the socks choice is essential! Choose the right product for your dad. A gentleman can not afford to wear inadequate socks. As Karl Kraus said, we can «rather forgive a bad foot than a bad pair of socks.»


Don’t wait, create now your special edition socks boxes for Father’s Day!


Packaging technical information:

Packaging type: ¾ height lid and bottom box
Dimensions: 288 x 55 x 52
Printing method: four-colour process

Packaging type: Standard sleeve
Dimensions: 55 x 50 x 50
Printing method: four-colour process