Custom sunglasses packaging and holder can be an essential sales tool to beat the competition highlighting the features both of brand and product.

Design communicative packages is the best way to achieve this goal: they have to communicate their message to the customers at a glance. In fact, in such a large marketplace, it is really important to clearly express the strong points or the special features of the product without losing the attention of the consumer, who shouldn’t spend to much time to understand with what he’s dealing.

The Packly creative idea of the day is an all-in-one sunglasses packaging and holder composed of 3 elements: a full height lid and bottom box and a custom sleeve. Both the lid and the tray have a minimal look: a black background and only one element emphasized, the company logo, that is entirely red. The sleeve is characterized by a textured gray background that recalls the sunglasses pattern. Once pulled out from the packaging, the sleeve turns into an useful paperboard sunglasses holder on which you can comfortably place the product after wearing it. How? Thanks to the addition of some structural cuts properly designed to hold the glasses once the sleeve is put vertically, supporting their weight without fall down.

In this way the sunglasses packaging and holder is both pack and product itself and its use starts from the point of sale: the sunglasses holder is a perfect display to best present the product.

Free your imagination and create the custom boxes set that best meets your needs on Packly.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Lid and bottom box (full height)
Dimensions (mm): A: 160 B: 60 H: 40
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process

Packaging type: Sleeve
Dimensions (mm): A: 120 B: 65,55 H: 40,6
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process