Chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and doves: if there is something missing during Easter time, it’s not food of course…or the boxes to keep it! If you handle with the manufacturing of these kind of products you’re in the right time for your business. Today we will show you how to realise Easter custom dove cakes packaging and make your products even more appealing.


Custom packaging for any occasion

Everyone, we know, loves to feel like the only one. That’s why most consumers are looking for something unique even while purchasing an item, both as for products and their boxes. Realise custom packaging for your products represents the first successful choice to set you from concurrence apart, capture the observers and let you coming through a market already full, often cruel. This consideration becomes even more real during festivities or special celebrations, just like Easter.

Seasonal products

In these special times of the year more or less seasonal products fill every shop, and the Easter dove cake belongs to them. A bespoke packaging and a custom product image, in that cases, can make the difference. Adding specific textures, graphic symbols and pictures taken for the occasion or unique and special dedications may give great value to your products. Exploiting the emotions of people will be a useful way to enhance the perception of your brand and to increase sales.

Custom Easter dove cakes packaging

How many dove cakes are running after each other on shelves in the shops during Easter time? Maybe a big flock! What can you do to let people choose just yours? Grab their attention starting from the packaging! To boost your creativity and to give you a useful project suggestion we propose you to create your dove cakes packaging starting from the lid and bottom box available on Packly.

This box type allows you to protect, show and storage the product in a simple, comfortable and elegant way: you will need to pull the lid out et voilà, your dove cake will be there staring at all the tablemates. However, before inviting the dove at home, you will have to create a pleasing graphic design in line with your product. We chose a pastel colours design to give brightness to a traditional item: the Italian almond dove cake.


easter dove cake lid and tray box


Picture of the entire and sliced product and of the main ingredient, almonds, gives the right traditional touch to the box; floating butterflies, multicolour bunnies, hearts, eggs and other graphic elements featuring the texture on the side flaps will do the rest, making the box more suitable to our times. Tradition and modernity in a simple and harmonic graphic layout, without any chance of doubt: you’re going to buy an almond dove cake, that is beautiful before being tasty.

Choosing the fonts as well reflects the will to joint and harmonise classical feature of the product with the joy and the energy typical of Ester: a classic serif character allows the product to look solemn, then at its feets peeks out a calligraphic writing that indicates its taste.

A burst of shape and colour to bring to the Easter table! Create now your custom dove cakes packaging on Packly and show us the result 🙂


Technical packaging information:

Packaging type: Lid and bottom box (full height)
Dimensions: 240x240x100
Printing method: 4 colours process (CMYK)


Before showing you pictures of our custom packaging, we’d like to share a little idea the outsiders will be inspired by!


Cook with Packly

If you’re not an Easter dove cake maker but you enjoy cooking, find out then the traditional recipe of the Italian almond Colomba we chose just for you. Beyond our suggestions about packaging design, today we’re moving on cookers to create a tasteful cake together with an amazing custom box 🙂

Dissolve 25g yeast in 100ml warm water, add 150g “00” flour and work the dough, with your hands, until obtaining a homogenous stick. Allow the dough to rise for 40 minutes, then add 350g flour, 5 egg yolks, 160g butter, 100g sugar and milk q.s. Let the dough to settle for 1 hour, add 50g butter and leave it to rise for 7 hours. Place the dough in a dove-shaped mould e and let it to settle for 4 hours. Brush the dough surface with egg whites and sprinkle with almonds and sugar crystals. Cook in a preheated oven to 190° for 15 minutes and then keep going with cooking to 180° for 40 minutes.


We’re waiting for your final pictures…of the packaging and the Colomba of course!


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