The packaging companies are always engaged in packaging battles in order to increase the sales and win customers instead of the competing.

It is very important to realise a package that is easy to recognize and captures the attention of the consumers offering a powerful experience of purchase and use: an emotional packaging. Designers that reach this aim, have a major probability to please the customers and reinforce their relationship with the brand.

Establish relationship between product and packaging

We have already written about that in advance. It is important that the graphic design of the box is consistent with the product and creates emotional engagement. That means: images, texts, colours and the general mood of the packaging have to reflect the characteristic of the product and capture customers attention. For example, a traditional product needs a traditional graphical style that communicates authenticity. Visual communication is very important to give to the customers the possibility to understand, in just a second, the features of the item through its packaging.

Speak through images

It could seem ordinary to say that images or illustrations are a must have in the graphic design of packaging. Images are huge tools to evoke different memories or sensations that someone had: an useful way to establish an emotional connection between customer and product. Furthermore, images permit to quickly recognize the product that you offer; in fact, as well known, the brain is faster in recognizing images than texts.

Tell a story

Every product has a story that is not necessarily the story of the brand; it could be the story of: product-birth, its production or the persons that works to produce it every day. The storytelling strategy is commonly used for food or social involved products  to communicate themes, raw materials and sustainability factors hidden inside them.

Communicate with sensations

The consumers love being amazed by something unusual. Try to surprise them by involving their feelings: that could be your ace in the hole. For example in the cosmetic world: utilize papers that smell good (with perfumes), materials that could be touched (like rough-paper, soft touch…), or little windows on the packaging that show a part or the whole of the product. Possible customers could be attract by emotional packaging even through these material and structural aspects.


With this reflections, you will have the possibility to create a packaging that speaks directly to the customers in a simply and clearly way: try now on Packly!