Food boxes and customized packaging for nougats, biscuits and other treats.

Are you thinking about goodies to be gifted to business partners, friends or relatives you have to visit during the holiday season? It is time to prepare with food boxes and customized packaging for nougats but also home made desserts and more.

Whatever your packaging needs, Packly has the right solution. It can be a special box or a sleeve to add onto a bag for instance and the packaging is done, without minimum order quantities.

Let’s start with some children’s favorites. Every Italian grandmother has placed a silver bowl on the precious coffee table in the living room, on top of a hand-embroidered doily, filled with soft nougats at Christmas or Rossana candies the rest of the year. In this respect, taste has not changed much. However, food boxes and customized packaging have evolved. Packly presents this total white rollover hinged lid box with a hook. It suffices a photo of the inviting and colorful content in very high resolution and that is it. Whether it’s Christmas, Boxing Day or say Halloween, the packaging is chic and the content will convince even Dr. Nowzaradan himself.

 Rollover hinged lid box
Rollover hinged lid food boxes

If the need is more complex and of greater visual impact, we recommend you this delicate gable top box filled with soft and gluttonous nougats. The image is photographic here too, on a precious blue gradient background. The integrated strap at the bottom highlights the taste and the logo, superimposed in gold, completes the whole. Everything is elegant but not too minimalist. There is probably a fairly large distribution behind it, so the box must “shout” from the shelf to be inserted into the cart. Suitable for adults or children, it can be a tempting gift for an afternoon bingo party or a not too formal visit.

 Gable top box
Gable top box

Still on the subject of large-scale distribution, it might be a good idea to use a display box for bars, tablets or nougats as in the case shown in the below picture. The container is absolutely basic and the graphics are confined to the upper shaped flap, with some references in the main body of the case. The lowered end is also convenient to easily pick up the product. The solution is simple, quick to build but certainly effective.

Display box
Display box

If, on the other hand, the packaging is made up of a bag of varying dimensions and shapes, it will be sufficient to apply a sleeve capable of attracting the consumer’s eye and giving basic indications on the product and brand, as well as displaying information on ingredients and nutritional values. The graphic elements are essential but lively, because the focus must concentrate there, the colors are natural but more vivid than usual. The packaging is suitable not only for soft nougats but also for biscuits, snacks and more.

Packaging sleeve
Sleeve for customized packaging

In the case of particularly refined or more important desserts, such as this Piedmontese nougat, we recommend a solution with a double-walled tray. The packaging does not need a lid, since the nougat is wrapped in a transparent casing. The effect you will get is to better protect the fragile content, enhance its importance, and frame the beauty of the ingredients standing out. The artwork disappears almost completely, it’s the senses who need to speak out.

Double-walled tray
Double-wall tray for customized packaging

For the organic die-hards, we present a windowed box made of ecological cardboard . As in the best of organic products, the colors are natural and material with a minimalist approach that highlights the main components of the dessert, leaving ample space to the looks hence the anticipation of the taste. This is possible thanks to the transparent section that shows the inside. The logo is clearly visible and centered on a different colored band. Simplicity rules alongside the naturalness of both the products and the wrapping.

Cardboard box with a window
Cardboard food box with a window

We wrap this up with a solution which is a sort of blend of all the previously showcased ones. If the product is not too fragile and you want to minimize the packaging dimensions, here is another rectangular sleeve made of resistant cardboard. In this example there is also a golden elastic band that adds a fine detail and helps to keep the package firm in view of possible shipments. There is a very minimal logo and an extremely short description. We would guess that the target audience is the aficionados or engaged consumers, who do not need to be persuaded by extensive graphics and information.

Cardboard sleeve for nougats
Cardboard sleeve for nougats

Have you found among a solution that is a perfect match for your packaging needs? Then build a prototype right away! You don’t have to send large orders, we will also ship a single piece. Once you have made all the assessments and you have tested the perfomance of your samples, we will be there to complete the final round and bring your products to stores and tables all over the world!