The packaging collection of the day includes 5 design of food products such as snacks, biscuits, chocolate and ice creams. Some have an elegant design, others a strong and decisive character, but all of them are a very interesting source of inspiration that allows you to create unusual and original packaging.


chocolate packaging

trufas packages

trufas boxes

The agency Indice was commissioned to redesign the packaging of the Colombian company Emilita in order to communicate a sense of tradition, quality and refinement. What do you think, has the goal been achieved? 🙂


dark chocolate packaging

dark chocolate boxes

Vivid colors and strong logo for these packaging designed by Alexandrov Design House.


sweets packaging

dessert packages

Bonora packaging immediately convey the authenticity of these sweets. From lettering to textures (inspired by tiles of old kitchen), all reminds a traditional and genuine way of preparing food typical of a homemade product. Antonia Skaraki A.S. agency.


ice cream packaging

ice cream boxes

ice cream packages

Packaging design project for the Danish brand “Premier Is”. Each packaging differs from the others in fonts and colors but at the same time it maintains elements of continuity with the whole range range of products. Martin Klein design.


biscuits box

The packaging design of these biscuits – produced by the Swiss confectionery company Gerber biscuits – has an unusual graphic, minimalist and with an original use of colors.