Anyone of us has been run, at least once, across food packagings. There is who, sarcastically, may think: if only it was once!

In fact, whether walking among the shelves of a market or just only rummaging through those one at home, it is almost impossible you have never handled any food packaging.

The choice of a food product, we know, mostly depends on its genuineness and freshness, as well as on its price-quality relationship. It would be very simple to convince consumers to buy a food product if, before buying it, they could taste it. Don’t you believe?

Though, when that’s not possible, food packaging comes soon into play. The trump card that will make or break the article.


The power of food packagings

It surely happened to you to choose a food rather than other because you didn’t stand up to its box, right? Never mind, now that makes two of us (at least!).

I have already told you, in the past, how packaging may be decisive while purchasing a product. Whether it’s about conscious or unconscious reasons, it’s true, and it’s even more so regarding the food industry.

Why? That’s easy! Nobody, or nearly, will never choose, at a first glance and at the same price, to purchase a food showed in a shabby and unappealing box in contrast with the one in a lovely packaging. The low quality of the box may be easily associated to a bad food quality.

Food, in addition, is the basis of human survival, that’s why it is a central product in any culture: no surprise, then, about the high number of food packagings available on the market.

Elegant texts for gourmet food, rough paper and calligraphic lettering for handmade products and a sea of tempting images that will make your mouth water are just a small taste of the delicious food packagings we chose for the article today.

An example? Here it is!


Could you stand up to these delicious sweets? As for me, looking at the box, really I couldn’t! The images used, in fact, are really tempting.


Skoff-pies-food-custom packaging

What about these sweet pies instead? The box, as well, can’t get enough of eating them!


How to design it

Creating creative and synaesthetic boxes that let the taste of product shine through them, its visual and tactile quality to catch the consumer or creating original packagings able to surprise him is an added value when selling sensorial products like food.


Let our collection of 15 lovely and tasty food packagings inspire you and suggest your favorite ones. And then? Start creating your custom food boxes on Packly!