The historical Italian ice-cream company will turn 60 next year and it decided to celebrate its anniversary in advance by redesigning the image of a cult product: Cornetto Algida. A great strategy to appear fresher, younger and more natural.

Packaging design and visual identity entirely renewed by the graphic agency Design Bridge that introduces the projects on its website using these words: “spontaneous, genuine and playful – our new global visual identity for Cornetto expresses the brand’s unique personality”.

The project

For the restyling project the agency firstly focused on the product quality and on its iconic features: the creaminess, the fragrance of the cone and, obviously, the chocolate tip. After analysing the characteristic elements of Cornetto Algida, Design Bridge reinterpreted them to create a brand new visual identity coherent all over the world, overcoming the historical differences in the Cornetto’s image within local markets. A real challenge successfully tackled by the graphic agency.


The first step was the simplification of the logo that has been redrawn to better express the personality of the product. The white writing lost its brown background and the artificial effects. Types turn flat and are characterised by a screen-printed effect that interacts with the surroundings and fades into the packaging. A great way to add a further sense of realness and tactility to the design.


A more consistent and methodical use of the Heartbrand logo and of a specific color palette in all communication formats unifies the global image of Cornetto Algida. White and gold are used in all products, whilst an extra color identifies the flavours.

Packaging design

A brand new look for the Cornetto’s packagings too. Stripped of extra copy, the boxes are characterised by a uniform background color that represents the different tastes. Pictures of the cone and textures inspired by the waffle show what is contained in the package completing the work.


Recognizability and immediacy for a very fresh visual design. Now we just have to enjoy a good Cornetto 🙂

new packaging design-logo-cornetto-algida

cornetto-algida-new ice cream packaging designpackaging-ice cream-cornetto-algida