Gin packaging is a refined art that not only preserves but enhances the content. When the gin is named Naèt, each detail of its packaging becomes a visual narrative capturing essence and history. It’s an invitation to explore a territory, an island that breathes and lives in the heart of Lake Iseo

Gin Packaging, the distilled story of Stefano and Danilo

Naèt – Gin Monte Isola, a refined creation by Stefano and Danilo, carries a rich and profound story, etched in its geographic coordinates 45°43’2’’N 10°4’52’’E. This gin is not just a distillate; it’s a liquid narrative that sings of the island like a siren, a vibrant tribute to Monte Isola, whose essence unfolds in 360 degrees.

Experimented with since 2022, Naèt is a tribute to the boats of Monte Isola, the fishing vessels that have plied the waters of Lake Iseo for centuries. Like the sleek, tapered bow of these boats cutting through the water, the gin skillfully navigates tradition and innovation, inviting those who taste it on a profound journey of unique flavors; a dedication to their land, a way to feel at home, wherever one may be.

This sensory journey is completed in a gin packaging that is a work of art in itself, made on Packly.

The tale of friendship, experimentation, and dedication unfolds in the way each element of the packaging is harmonized, telling the story of Monte Isola and its gin in a language that goes beyond words. The interview with Stefano and Danilo, more than a dialogue, is an immersion in this adventure of taste, tradition, and creativity.

“Gin is a way to feel at home” is what can be read on the Naèt website. But let’s start from the beginning: first of all, there is the friendship between you (Stefano) and Danilo; subsequently, a tribute to your land. What is the story that gave life to the gin and how did you come to realize it?

Everything stems from a passion for Gin and a wonderful friendship. We started experimenting with distillation at home, and from there, we became passionate. Distillation days were a real celebration, often ending with a dinner among friends, tasting the versions we had created. To perfect the final recipe, we had to go through 9 trials over the course of a year. We chose local botanicals because we are deeply connected to our unique territory. After deciding on the recipe, we turned to a local distillery, where our unique product was born, characterized by a bold flavor.

The name “Naèt” evokes an atmosphere of mystery and legend. Where does this name come from and what does it mean?

The name “Naèt” is inspired by the ancient fishing boats used by the fishermen of Lake Iseo for generations. Monte Isola, besides being renowned for its shape and breathtaking landscapes, represents a centuries-old tradition of fishing and nets.

Opening a bottle of this gin is like being catapulted into the stories of Monte Isola. Which ingredients recall the tradition of your land?

We thought of a mix of local botanicals and others that, in our opinion, would pair well with traditional dishes.

The “definitive gin” was born from trials and friendship, shaping a unique recipe. Even the choice of the right packaging is based on tests and experiments, and Packly knows this well.

The brand’s design and communication are inspired by the graphics of the nautical world and a reinterpretation of lake landscapes, where the water’s surface reflects and paints every subject with new, fantastic, and sometimes mysterious shapes. With this perspective, we designed the packaging of Gin Naèt and the launch campaign that will involve the inhabitants of Monte Isola, photographing them mirrored on the green waves of Sebino.

How did you discover Packly?

We found Packly through our printer, who spoke very highly of your platform. We are extremely satisfied with the service and punctuality.

The coordinates on the label are like a map of your journey and represent just one of the many details of the product’s special design. What do you want to communicate to the consumer, and what emotions should it evoke?

The goal is to be able to tell a unique territory like that of Monte Isola and give everyone the opportunity to know it; yes, the coordinates are precisely those of our island.

Currently, there is a limited number of Naèt bottles. Are there future plans, perhaps new recipes and experiments?

Yes, the production for 2023 was 700 bottles and we are almost at the end. The goal for 2024 is to increase both the number of bottles and add a new product line to our catalog.


Naèt’s gin packaging is an emblematic example of how the art of design can enrich a product, transforming the packaging into a visual narrative that enhances both the story and essence of its content. Every detail of the packaging, experimented and created on Packly, contributes to telling the unique story of the island and the gin. Explore the options for customizable packaging and experience our interface, redesigned for a better experience.