Trick or treat? The world’s spookiest celebration is approaching: are your boxes all dressed up and ready for Halloween? If they’re not, there’s still plenty of time to make up for it! Take a look at 20 nifty Halloween packaging examples we picked especially for you. We are confident they’ll make anyone scream in fright. Or smile. You be the judge!

The customization of packaging, both structural and graphical, aims to engage the consumer. Packaging should capture the buyer’s attention and amaze them at the same time. As you’ll see, pumpkins, cauldrons, skeletons, coffins, and spider webs are fun elements to play with when designing your ideal Halloween packaging. They are an integral part of chocolate wrappers and candy buckets sold at this particular time of the year. Screaming zombies, ghosts, and monsters of all kinds are the main protagonists of this yearly event. Get ready, but worry not: we may be unable to fill your bucket with treats, but we’ll send you off with a bag of tricks instead! 

Creating packaging suitable for special occasions such as this one is an excellent marketing strategy to give your products extra flair and freshen up their usual appearance. In addition, surprising customers with innovative and trendy solutions will certainly help to strengthen up your brand’s image.

But what if you’re out of time and want to print a limited quantity of Halloween packaging in a way that is both quick, easy, and convenient? Try Packly! Draw inspiration from the packages below and design your custom packaging in just a few simple steps, directly online and without minimum orders.