October is the spooky season par excellence! Do you already have scary plans for it? Our Halloween-themed box is perfect for any product or trick-or-treating.

For us, a perfect witches’ night is not just spending the day between Tim Burton movies, tricks, and treats. Our creatives, once again, have come up with a scary Halloween-themed box.

We all remember the pagan legend told at school to scare the less brave: What did Jack-o’-Lantern say? We are talking about the blacksmith Stingy Jack, who, due to a pact made with Satan, is condemned to wander the Earth with only a carved pumpkin to light his path.

The original English festivity has now gone beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, and, between sacred and profane, it has become an opportunity to give space to ideas. Every year a variety of themed merchandising comes out for different products: from food to make-up, scary costumes, or deformed objects that recall monsters and demons; everyone has their corner of Heaven or Hell!

Now you are probably wondering what old Stingy has in common with the Halloween-themed box from our creative team.

If Jack needed his pumpkin base to roam, we, beyond legends and superstitions, propose an original but thrilling packaging for the symbolic celebration of October! Arm yourself with courage and keep reading to discover our terrific idea.

Halloween-themed box: Jack-O-Packly

Carved pumpkin or a box? The real question is: why choose when we can have both?

Halloween-themed box: tuck-end box with cutouts
Halloween-themed box: tuck-end box with cutouts

We have the typical Halloween graphic design: an orange-black color scheme surrounds the simple tuck-end box, with a cute front window.

Halloween-themed box: close-up on the cutouts
Halloween-themed box: close-up on the cutouts

The themed packaging does not have any special finishes, but there’s a focus on the front and side cuts: on the front, a funny mouth showing little teeth, and on the sides, cutouts pass a ribbon, which will hold the box. Practical to carry, it becomes a functional bucket for treats if you are lucky enough to earn chewy candy.

Bet Jack-o’-Lantern finds these treats very enticing, don’t you?

The box comes to life thanks to the minimal graphic design: two bizarre eyes, black hair like Frankenstein’s monster, continuous on the upper flaps, and a weird mouth that shows the inside of the box.

Cookies, sweet treats, boxes for chocolates. Are we sure that Halloween is that scary after all?

Halloween-themed box: 3D preview
Halloween-themed box: 3D preview

Strengths of our scary little box

Easy to use: the simple, linear model makes the box easy to use in the composition and the resolution!

Multitasking: our funny box can hold more things, from food to objects. The ribbon makes it practical, and the front window shows internal contents. With some help from magic, simple items can turn into decorative packaging! Have you thought about it?

Green at heart: Packly always thinks about the green aspect of our physical product, but this is not only an eco-friendly box; as a matter of fact, it’s prone to reuse at your discretion. Doing “trick or treat” will have a different vibe with our box!

Halloween-themed box: the dieline
Halloween-themed box: the dieline

Technical information on the packaging

MODEL: Tuck end box / Same panel tuck


DIMENSIONS: 80x80x200mm

ADDITIONAL INFO: front window and cutouts on the side for ribbon


Candy buckets or coffin-shaped treat Halloween boxes are only a few packaging examples. Are you planning a Halloween-themed party to scare your friends? What better occasion to unleash your creativity? Start now. Find out more product details on Packly for all the packaging options and create boxes with custom scary-proof graphics. BOO!