We usher in 2019 with a lot of creativity and beautiful works! Let’s start with Haruki’s kirigami. If you don’t know what it is about, don’t worry you will find out soon and you will fall in love with it.

Haruki is a Japanese artist, who creates paper sculptures starting from food and everyday objects packagings using the kirigami technique. Kirigami is the art of cutting and folding the paper to create three-dimensional objects, without removing any piece. It is a sort of variation of the most-known origami art.

Haruki’s kirigami are delicate and imaginative sculptures created by cutting and folding simple packages made of paperboard, without any loss of material. For example, Haruki has turned the Pringles tube packaging into a funny character with the face of Julius Pringles, the mascot of the brand. He has also created sailing ships, knights, and other beautiful items starting from chocolate boxes. It is a great way to reuse packagings, isn’t it?

Haruki has found a creative way to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary using a few tools. Cuts, folds, imagination and, certainly, a lot of patience are his staunch allies.

The artist shares the artworks on his Twitter profile, which reached more than 93k followers in the last months. By searching on the web and visiting his profile, you will immediately notice and understand the reason of this growing interest in Haruki’s kirigami.

Enjoy our collection of some of his beautiful and funny artworks and be amazed by Haruki’s talent!

The following video is not about packaging reuse, but this paperboard gun is so brilliant that we had to share it.