The food supplements package proposal of our daily article is a clever packaging design solution that will make you feel better starting from the box!

The creative idea for the packaging is based on a minimal, clean and elegant design style specifically chosen to transmit a feeling of purity, typical (and desirable!) feature of health and wellness products. The white colour used in each pack of the kit has been chosen to achieve this purity purpose. Another essential prerequisite for this kind of items is the simplicity – bearer of clarity and immediacy of communication – that avoids customers confusion and difficulty of choice, feature available starting from the used box model, a tuck end box with aerotuck to back.

The characterization of each food supplements package, that differs from the others according to the active ingredients, is due to the presence on each box of the letter corresponding to the contained vitamin: thus the lettering becomes the main element that identifies the product. The particularity is that the fonts are only printed for an half and carved for the other, in this way they can come out – by assembling the packaging – on the side of the box just like flags. A detail that highlights the different type of food supplement that the customer is going to purchase. Colours are an additional identifying element, in fact each font is associated with a specific colour: orange for the A vitamin, blue for the B and green for the D.

In this way, each food supplements package is recognizable at a glance, crucial factor for beauty care products, and it is exhibited in an another box that contains all the variants of food supplements. A display designed to reach an unified visual identity by using the same colours and graphical elements printed on the packages.

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Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Tuck end box with aerotuck to back
Dimensions (mm): A:40 B:40 H:115
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process

Packaging type: Display box snap lock base
Dimensions (mm): A:123,5 B:208 H:118
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process