The brand is one of the most important assets for both small and large companies. McDonald’s, Amazon, and Coca-Cola are all examples of brands worth dozens of billions of dollars that prove the importance of a corporate brand development strategy. By following their footsteps you too can learn how to strengthen your brand through packaging.

Brands, products, and packaging are closely linked together. Packaging acts as an amplifier of messages and emotions that need to reach the right target to bring significant benefits for companies. We have compiled a list of 5 tips on how to use well-designed packaging to strengthen your brand:

1. Branding and color

Applying a brand logo to your products is important. However, in a multi-product company, all the designs should reference the main brand, a concept that is also known as umbrella branding. Sometimes it is even necessary to design the packaging for an entire family of products. In these cases, careful branding, good graphics and a set of identifiable colors are an invaluable resource for all companies. Consumers can associate colors with a brand in just a few seconds. Keeping this in mind can, therefore, benefit the brand recognition.

2. Improve the image and identity

As mentioned above, packaging design can deeply influence consumers’ purchasing choices. A good design can communicate safety, its added value and its promise to solve a problem or bring a benefit. The packaging can even convey the brand’s positive values. Some examples are the care for the environment, organic farming, and support for humanitarian efforts.

3. Building a lasting relationship

To build a lasting relationship with the customer, there has to be a solid product at the heart of the entire sales and communication process. In other words, there has to be a product that can satisfy the target’s needs and expectations. Packaging can boost sales, enhance the user experience, and promote the repurchase of the product in different ways. For example, you can insert discount vouchers, gadgets, thank you cards or samples of related products. These expedients make the customer feel at the center of attention and consequently help to build a long-term relationship.

4. Differentiation

If the company’s goal is to stand out from competing products, you will have to design the packaging accordingly. In addition, the packaging should communicate the added value, reflect the characteristics of the product, highlighting the benefits and strengths, and stick out at shops and supermarkets thanks to innovative shapes, materials, and designs.

5. Functionality

The packaging (and the product) should offer positive user experience and leave good memories. When the consumer grabs a box from a shelf, he must immediately have a good impression and experience a positive feeling. You should, therefore, pay attention to ergonomics, the materials used and the product’s functionality. If you combine not only a visual impact but also a good functionality, then the user experience will be complete and the customer even more satisfied.


These 5 tips, if applied correctly, can strengthen the brand through the targeted use of packaging and therefore encourage the growth of customer satisfaction in the long term.