Kids Game Jam, what is it about? A great challenge in video games development that involves team of kids from 7 to 16 years.

Little coding ninjas and junior developers that work together to develop a themed video game. The first part of KGJ takes place at the schools and at the CoderDojo involved, whilst the final session takes place in a common space chosen by the organizers.

During the last jam the finalists have 72 hours to create the game, have fun and share this unique life experience with the other kids. Because the Kids Game Jam is a challenge, not a competition, whose motto is #TogetherWeWin. The jammers reunion is a great growth opportunity where every attendee contributes to achieve a common goal. Errors, tests and experimentations that give life to unique results thanks to teamwork. All the activities of the coders are supported by different mentors.

Why kids?

A very simple question. Children are the main experts and users of video games, that is the reason why CoderDojo Torino2 decided to create this Game Jam 4 Kids and it was immediately supported by CoderDojo Cosenza. Thanks to their initiative, from 2016 young coders have the chance to put themselves on the line and give vent to their creative imaginations, sharing this unique experience with other young developers from all over the world.


Kids Game Jam and Packly

What is the role of Packly in all this? We had the pleasure to sponsor the Kids Game Jam Day 2017 and to collaborate with the organizers to create a gift box tailored to the jammers. A rollover hinged lid box that contained the prizes for the coding ninjas.

At the end of the jam the surprise gift box has been given to the attendees that welcomed it full of joy.

We are glad to have been part of this wonderful event in Verbania. Keep on coding, #TogetherWeWin!