Tablecloths, napkins and placemats. Kitchen towels and various textiles. Where there is a kitchen these items won’t be missed, as well as the concerning textiles and tea towels packaging.

Products for all budgets

Functional first, they are available at any price. From the cheapest rags, sold singularly or in a kit, without any box or tied through a ribbon or an impersonal sleeve, to elegant tea towels set inside a dedicated packaging.

Democratic, simple, light and long-lasting products are sold in many shapes, colours and materials. According to typology (tea towels, rags and dish cloth, e.g.), they follow their own packaging philosophy.

Typically, the cheapest items, daily used and sometimes mistreated in critical cooking phases, don’t provide specific packages. We’re referring to various towels and dish cloths you can find hang up in every kitchens or on pinafores. Why? It’s all about economic reasons and traditional habits: such a cheap product is sold without box in order to further reduce manufacturing costs. With no particular need to be protected or kept in specific places, it’s not often required to pack the single product.

However, they may sometimes be placed in custom boxes to give more value to the product and catch consumers. The most common packaging are realised in raw paper, recycled and cheap.

Concerning placemats, it’s a little bit different. Sold singularly or in a set, they look for some more aesthetic feature, especially when talking about gifts. Available on the market in big quantity as well, placemats usually aim to stand out thanks to their graphic design, and material too. A stylistic choice often artfully reintroduced on tea towels packaging in order to seduce observers starting from the box.

Being a less spartan object, it is usually sold in a kit together with a custom packaging. The box type will be chosen depending on the product style: simple and linear packagings for placemats that look sober, more sophisticated packages designed for elegant table accessories, and so on.

Whatever is the box solution chosen, the real protagonist will be always the product inside it. Today we decided to share with you the greatest and funniest packagings we found online.

tea towels packs

Textiles and kitchen towels packaging ideas

If you want to propose some creative boxes to your customers helping them give a touch of originality to their kitchen, well, you’re in the right place. The placemats and kitchen towels packaging we found may be a useful suggestion to create original packaging solutions.

colorful silicon placemats packaging designtea towels packaging

tea towels creative box


We have to be honest, finding something different from custom sleeve (some of them stunning!) was really hard, but we did all we could!

From simple and linear shapes to more complex structural solutions. The common key? Give the chance to showand especially to touch! the product. Go on then with geometric cuts that exposes part of the content, allowing consumers to see the material quality first-hand and choose the best item that will suit their needs.

Do you prefer more immediate solutions that will help them choose the product without a doubt? Go for sleeves and customize them as you think is better: add cuts, alter the classic shape and let the products pop out in a charming way. If you’re lucky, even the one not searching for your product may choose it just after looking at it.

A useful idea may be to create packagings in series as well, able to make every kitchen more creative and funnier. Colours, images and different shapes based on the textile texture or the illustrations on product: similar boxes but not so much that you will desire to collect! Choosing a nice way to introduce product lines with more versions may be a clever step.
That said, it’s your call now: have a look at the textiles and tea towels packaging proposed, choose your box and create your unique and original design!