For today’s post, we curated a compelling list of 10 light bulb packaging designs that will take you through their historical evolution and showcase examples of great creativity.

The lighting industry is a breeding ground for experimentation. Furthermore, the lamp has always been among the key objects of design, especially in Italy. Its core component, however,  has experienced a very slow evolution.

Light bulbs represent one of the most important and revolutionary inventions in human history. Their design is essential and effective and remained changeless for many decades. The same is true for their packaging. In fact, when we think of light bulb boxes, we rarely see them as creative and fun

It was only recently that we moved from traditional packaging to a very wide variety of colorful light bulb box designs that highlight technical characteristics and strengthen corporate identity. Each brand focused on a different aspect: from brightly colored boxes to minimalistic cartons focused on eco-sustainability. The packaging has, therefore, become a powerful marketing tool to make technically similar products stand out from the rest.

Scroll down to see our list of 10 creative light bulb packaging designs.

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