This week we will look at packaging designs that make each item of a product range immediately identifiable, locatable and classifiable. The graphics thus become a distinguishing and distinctive element for each range of products, differentiating the company offers.

Prima Group made the packaging for its flours by placing the end-user at the center of the design process. As a result, the boxes are equipped with a removable spout and a graduated scale that allows users to easily measure the product. Moreover, each flour features an illustration of the product you can make with it, making choosing between different types easy. The little circles that make up each image are inspired by the air bubbles generated during cooking.

The distinctive element of the Sibarita chocolate packaging is color. The graphics are minimal and feature fluid and dynamic texture that resembles melted chocolate. In addition, each color denotes a flavor: green for rosemary, red for chili pepper and brown for raisins.

The synergistic action of color and texture characterizes the different products of the Around the World variety of spices. The company indeed offers 5 different sets of herbs and spices each comprising 5 different products. Lastly, the product range features traditional patterns and colors of each region. 

Colorful patterns and happy round faces captured Magnum ice cream youngest consumers. Three Catalan students developed the idea and designed these playful and unique boxes, each one depicting a member of the fictional Donec family. Additionally, the characters can be cut out and applied to the ice cream stick to grant hours of fun. 

Joe’s Tea Co., a London based company, makes 12 tasty tea blends using only whole leaves from organic crops. The passion for tea and the authenticity of each product, as well as the strong bond with the land of origin, are the cardinal values of the company. Each taste features an illustration and a snappy name, both with a hint of humor. The result, in fact, is a set of boxes with soft colors and a vintage feel that perfectly matches the brand’s unique identity.

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